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Ambitious Women of Los Angeles Unite on March 25

Renowned Life Coach Nailah Blades Delivers a Seminar Igniting Female Authenticity

The Fierce Leadership Summit presents the inaugural 1-day conference on Sunday, March 25, 2012 at the Davidson Conference Center at the University of Southern California (USC). The conference will focus on inspiring women to reach their full potential by tapping into the power of their unique talents and strengths through a series of prominent, influential female speakers.

Nailah Blades, USC graduate and certified life coach, created this unique event after realizing that there was a lack of events designed to help young women recognize and tap into the innate power and passions they already possess so that they can become more authentic leaders. Blades realized her own passion for teaching and speaking during her career as a sales and marketing analyst. Two years ago, Blades started her coaching and consulting business, Polka Dot Coaching, in order to help young women develop strategies to follow their passions and make their dreams a reality.

“I realized that the more I stepped into myself fully, the more of an impact I was having on other people and the world around me. The issue I had with leadership became clear – the definition is too rigid. Now is the perfect time to explode the old leadership model and have women re-define leadership on their own terms. The world has changed – you’re not guaranteed a job right out of college anymore, you have to now create your own personal brand and sell yourself whether you become an entrepreneur or not. In order to do that you have to be fiercely in touch with you own innate power and the talents you bring to the table. The Fierce Leadership Summit will teach you how to do that,” says Blades

Blades and eight key speakers from the Southern California area will share the secrets, successes and challenges that have lead them to achieve their goals. Each 40-minute speaker session will leave guests with a crystal-clear strategy and the motivation to confront their ambitions and make them a reality.

Speakers will cover how health and wellness, marketing, personal growth and finances are all important factors to becoming a fierce leader and reaching personal goals.


  • Erin Haslag | Certified Wellness Coach and Founder, Well in LA
  • Danielle Dowling | Author, Relationship Expert and Women’s Life Coach
  • Jodi Womack | Founder, No More Nylons
  • Alaia Williams | Owner, One Organized Business
  • Danielle Leslie | Marketing Consultant, We Are Big Fish
  • Dyana Valentine | Speaker, Life Coach at
  • Samantha Bennett | Creator, The Organized Artist Company
  • Brittney Castro | Certified Financial Planner, Financially Wise Woman

Seminar tickets are $79 and currently on-sale online. Notebooks, pens, water and light appetizers will be provided along with gift bags for the first 125 attendees. Sessions will be held from 9a-5p followed by a cocktail hour and networking. For more information visit:

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The Fierce Leadership Summit is a unique, in-person event for young women who are ready to completely dominate their lives. Women from across the Los Angeles area will come together to harness the power of their unique talents & strengths and become more powerful, authentic leaders. The speakers are a dynamic group of women whose expertise ranges from entrepreneurship to relationships to personal finance. The mission of FLS is simple: to deliver the most groundbreaking, world-shaking strategies and inspiration to help women step into their full, feminine power and take on their world. For more information visit:

About Nailah BladesLife Coach, idea generator and inspirational speaker Blades helps young women uncover their true passions by breaking down queen-sized dreams into bite-sized goals. Through one-on-one coaching and group experiences Blades shows young women that making bold changes and a big impact in the world doesn’t have to be riddled with costly mistakes or heart-breaking shake-ups.

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