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OC Music Awards Premiers The Steelwells Music Video

OC Music Awards Premiers The Steelwells “El Capitan” Music Video at Opening Night of Anaheim International Film Festival

OC Music Awards winner for Best Song in 2010, The Steelwells, took home the coveted prize of a music video produced for the winning song “El Capitan” compliments of OC Music Awards and the Awards visual production company, Akorn Entertainment. The music video for “El Capitan” is now wrapped and set to premiere at the opening night gala of the inaugural Anaheim International Film Festival on Wednesday, October 13, 8:30pm at UltraStar Cinemas at Anaheim GardenWalk.. The Steelwells will deliver a special acoustic performance in conjunction with the premiere.

Co-produced by OC Music Awards and Akorn Entertainment, the video for “El Capitan” brings to life the song lyrics in the story of a sea captain whose desire for material riches and overwhelming greed lead to his own personal demise. Each scene is woven with topical political undertones alluding to the 2010 Gulf oil spill crisis. No real actors partake in the video, rather the characters are played by wire and cardboard doll-like figures with miniature sets and props designed from found objects, hand-constructed into lavish oceanic scenes, giving the entire production an organic puppet theater meets anime style and feel.

Tickets to opening night of the Anaheim International Film Festival including the special premiere of “El Capitan” and acoustic performance by The Steelwells on October 13 are $50 and available online at The “El Capitan” video can also be seen online at OC Music Awards Youtube channel on October 14.

Song: El Capitan

Artist: The Steelwells

Album: Shallow on the Draft, 2009

Video Co-Producer: OC Music Awards

Video Co-Producer: Jeffrey Horn, Akorn Entertainment

Video Director: Ali Akbarzadeh, Akorn Entertainment

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