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Sustainability Efforts in Dana Point Harbor Aim to Make a Difference for Generations to Come

From new eco-friendly initiatives to well-established green programs, Dana Point Harbor Partners are committed to sustainable practices for the community 

Dana Point Harbor Partners (DPHP), in collaboration with local organizations and environmental agencies, is making significant strides toward a more sustainable future. By implementing eco-friendly initiatives and embracing proven green programs, the partnership aims to build a cleaner harbor for generations to come.

DPHP has proudly supported Stand Up To Trash since its founding in 2020, and encourages the community to get involved on Sunday, April 21 for the Earth Day Beach Cleanup and Lunch & Learn. The event begins at 8 a.m. with free yoga in the grass at Baby Beach, followed by the beach cleanup, and concluding with a free Lunch & Learn at the Ocean Institute featuring guest speakers from Dana Point Historical Society. The harbor will come together, with fresh coffee, hot chocolate and donuts provided by Coffee Importers and prizes donated by local businesses. Through participation, the community has a hand in protecting marine life from the hazardous impact of litter and pollution. To sign up, please find more information on

In addition to the beach cleanup, DPHP has partnered with Stand Up To Trash to host a City Wide Scavenger Hunt from April 1 to 21, designed to add an element of education and excitement to the sustainable cause. The 10-stop, citywide historical tour will take participants to iconic places from Don Hansen Plaza to Doheny State Beach and beyond. Dive into Dana Point’s vibrant history to appreciate the significance of preserving our coastal heritage. For more about the scavenger hunt, please visit

“Dana Point Harbor Partners is passionate about collaborating with local organizations on efforts that foster learning and promote a cleaner, healthier environment,” commented Bryon Ward of Dana Point Harbor Partners and President of Burnham-Ward Properties. “The connection between the ocean and the land is so prevalent in our revitalization work. As developers, we are making strides through innovative practices and eco-friendly technologies that aim to preserve the environment for generations to come.”

DPHP is committed to marine conservation through a collective Water Quality Initiative including a top-rated storm drain filtration system and a designation for The Marina at Dana Point as a certified Clean Marina by the Clean Marinas Program. Other advancements include a shift to electric landscaping equipment, drought tolerant landscaping, marine engine upgrades, and LED light conversions with EV charging stations and more still to come in the revitalization.

DPHP has established a Balloon-Free Zone for the harbor, where businesses and locals have pledged to keep the harbor free from balloons year-round. In addition, visitors are encouraged to consider alternative modes of transit to the harbor with dedicated bicycle racks for more than 75 guest bicycles, and designated stops for the community-favorite Dana Point Trolley.

Since 2014, Dana Point Harbor has been recycling used fishing line in partnership with California State Parks and California Coastal Commission. This initiative has successfully collected 785 lb of fishing line from the harbor, preventing it from becoming waste in our ocean. Through the Boating Green and Clean program, the recycled fishing line is upcycled into various products such as benches and fishing spools, reducing litter and helping to protect wildlife.

“Fluke: A Tale of Plastic,” a sculpture of an adult gray whale tail commissioned by DPHP reinforces the partners’ commitment to sustainability and transforms the way people look at waste. The sculpture by Yustina Salnikova & Joel Dean Stockdill is proudly displayed at Dana Point Harbor, now in the Don Hansen Memorial Plaza, and is constructed using recycled and reclaimed materials such as single-use water bottles and trash, reclaimed steel and damaged curbside trash bins.

To learn more about the sustainability efforts at the harbor visit

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